Parish Plan: Executive Summary


1. Introduction

Welcome to the Summary of the Horsford Parish Plan.  A Parish Plan is a scheme to help rural communities have a greater say in their own affairs.

Horsford Parish Council decided to complete a Parish Plan as part of its application to become a Quality Parish Council.  It convened a steering group that prepared a questionnaire for each property in the village to find out what people liked about living here and the things that they would like to change.

Each questionnaire was delivered with a freepost envelope to an independent data analysis company to ensure confidentiality and provide assurance that results were presented without bias.  There were 376 responses from the 1,600 questionnaires that were distributed.

The good news is that the vast majority of respondents said that they really enjoyed living in Horsford, that it is quiet, well maintained and close to excellent amenities.

There were concerns about traffic and the behaviour of vandals and these themes are addressed in greater detail in the plan that follows.

2. Key Findings and Plans

The Environment

The questions we asked under this section covered facilities such as waste, recycling and the appearance of the village.

  • Most people felt there were not enough  litter bins around the village

The Parish Council will review the location of existing bins and will work with Broadland District Council to ensure that these are located near the bus stops.  We also need to encourage people to use them!

  • Most people thought that we could do more to improve the environment of Horsford by planting more trees, preserving trees in special places and flower planting

The Parish Council will liaise with the tree warden to encourage tree planting and preservation and will work with local shops to encourage more flower planting.

It will also convene a task group to generate ideas and plans to improve the environment

Traffic and Transport

  • A number of people said that the village needed an evening bus service and others that a Sunday service was required

The Parish Council liaises with the bus service operators and in February 2007 they have reintroduced the evening and Sunday service.

  • Many concerns were expressed about the speed, weight and volume of traffic in the village

In response to this the Parish Council is working with the appropriate authorities to review weight and speed limits along with road signage and crossings.

Essential Services

  • The Parish Council will share the results of the survey with local GP surgeries and ask for explanation of “Out of Hours” service provision.
  • A significant proportion of parishioners wanted to see an improved police service in the village and the Parish Council will review the findings with Norfolk Police.
  • The Parish Council will coordinate a programme of awareness raising of “Neighbourhood Watch” to encourage higher uptake.


  • Only 3% of respondents felt that the village could accommodate more new housing
  • People were unclear about the availability of low cost and sheltered housing

The Parish Council recognises that the village is unsupportive of any new housing and will pass this finding on to Broadland District Council who is responsible for planning applications.

The Parish Council will also work to map the availability of sheltered and low cost housing.

Parish Council

This section included ideas to improve the administration of the village including:

  • Footpath signs and maps
  • Parish website
  • Improvements to the way Parish Council meetings are managed

In response to this the Parish Council has developed a website (see address over) is improving footpath signage and availability of maps (via the website) and has reviewed communications at its meetings.

Leisure and recreation

  • The majority of respondents felt that there were not enough facilities for young people in the village
  • A number asked for a weekly social club/luncheon club
  • Others asked for more seating and alternative sports facilities such as badminton etc at the park/village hall

The Parish Council has worked with youth workers to facilitate a meeting with young people and ongoing meetings are planned with the Village Hall Management Committee.  They are working together to identify play and other equipment for the village.

The Parish Council has agreed to fund 50% of the cost of a sheltered seating area on the park.

The Parish Council is working with the Village Hall Management Committee to establish a Youth Club and there is also a luncheon club.

3. Further Information

If you would like to get involved or want further information please contact Jim Graves on 01603 898621 or look at the Parish Council website


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