The Parish Council receives details of all planning applications within the parish and is invited by Broadland District Council (The Planning Authority) to make observations. The Parish Council does not make the final decision on an application. Any resident wishing to register their comments should do so directly to Broadland DC with a copy to the Parish Council if you wish.

To find details of a planning application go to the Broadland home page and then to the section “Find an application or decision” Type in the reference number or any other search criteria and you are able to see the plans and to make your observations.

The Council’s observations can be found in the minutes of the meeting at which they were discussed.

Applications to be considered at the next meeting

20181677  181 Holt Road  demolish dwelling and erect detached house and cart shed

20181624  181 Holt Road  revised design and position of plots

20181624  Land adjacent to 25 Coltsfoot Road    2 dwellings and garages (revised)

Applications recently considered by the Parish Council

20181521  12 Columbine Road  extension

20181408  Land East of Holt Road and South of Church Street (outline only)  65 dwellings

20181336  The Nest, Holt Road  various signs

20181136  Land West of Holt Road and North of Drayton Lane  84 dwellings

20181186  The Nest, Holt Road  Indoor sports facility and parking

20181236  6 Meadow Way  extension

20180895  Coach House, Church Street  internal door

20180987  Sharps Hall Farm  Telephone Mast

20180898  Little Orchard, Church Street  extensions and detached garage

20180874  Lindens, Drayton Lane  conversion of barn to dwelling

20180824  6 Little Lane  sub-divide plot and erect one dwelling





Horsford Parish Council

Horsford is a large village on the B1149 a few miles to the North of Norwich. It doubled in size with a large development in the 1980’s and with further developments it now has a population of over 4,000. It has a range of local shopping facilities, a public house, a post office and two schools. The large village hall complex and playing field and the nearby church room host a wide variety of social activities.

The Parish Council has twelve seats and employs the Clerk on a part time basis.

The Council meets at the Village Hall at 7.15 p.m. on the first Monday of each month . If this falls on a Bank Holiday it meets on the Tuesday.

In July 2018 The Horsford Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in a referendum and now forms part of the planning policy of Broadland District Council.

Council meetings

All Council meetings are open to the public who have the opportunity to address the Council on any matters of concern before the formal proceedings commence. Once the Council is in session the public may not speak but may still observe the proceedings.


The Council has a waiting list for allotments. Any parishioner wishing to be added to the list should contact the Clerk